Category "Entrepreneurship"

  • Start Your Own Home-Based Pet Grooming Business

    Are you an animal person? Do you consider your pet a part of your family? The number of pet-owning households is growing every year. The grooming industry is booming. At last count, there were around 60,000 to 80,000 pet groomers in the U.S. Our Start Your Own Home-Based Pet Grooming Business course lays the framework for developing your own pet grooming business. We cover pet services that are in demand, training you need to become a pet groomer, and business basics – finances, insurance, marketing, and business branding.
  • Discover a Career as an Interior Designer

    Interior design touches the lives of all of us in most aspects of life. At one time or another, almost everyone has been an interior designer or decorator on a limited scale when choosing a painting color or rug, when buying furniture for a new living or work space. Our Discover a Career as an Interior Designer course incorporates concepts used with design, color, textiles, flooring and lighting to give you a broad overview of the fundamental aspects of interior design.
  • Into the Tank: Entrepreneurs Swim with Sharks

    The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well world-wide.  This course is designed to provide both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners the tools, knowledge and guidance needed to transform an idea from concept to cash.  In recent years, the United States has seen the highest rate of new business creation in over a decade, and many of these fledgling companies are being started by first-time entrepreneurs.  It takes more than drive and desire to achieve success; and with great effort also comes great challenge.  Our Swimming with Sharks course will help entrepreneurs assess the
  • Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service

    As insurance regulations and paperwork requirements get more complicated, doctors and other health care providers are turning to third-party billing services to take care of their billing needs.  It's a multi-billion dollar industry that's growing like never before, creating a growing niche for entrepreneurs who are experts at tunneling their way through the paper avalanche. In our course, students will receive expert advice and the latest industry information needed.