Category "Management & Leadership"

  • ITL15 Change Leadership

    Leading and managing large-scale organizational change is an essential part of leadership and incorporates many of the concepts that have been covered in this text— including transformational, charismatic, and transactional leadership. It is no easy task, but the successful leader must be able to negotiate change.  This course discusses change management.
  • ITL14 Leading Effective Teams

    Traditional hierarchical structures are changing in favor of streamlined, flexible, team-oriented designs, primarily due to changes in external environments such as increased competition, government regulations, or crises—including the recent global economic downturn.  This course discusses how organizations can create effective teams.
  • ITL13 Team Leadership

    Leadership has generally been portrayed in early theories from a one-dimensional, vertical perspective, with the leader at the top and followers below. This course will examine the most horizontal structure of teams, which are designed as collaborative and egalitarian.
  • ITL12 Leading Crisis Management

    Strategic leadership involves knowing how to manage a crisis, or an event that threatens the very existence of an organization. A crisis can be anything from an unexpected and extended hospitalization of the CEO to a fire that destroys the organization’s headquarters.  This course discusses how leaders handle crises.
  • ITL11 Leadership and Politics

    Leaders need power and influence to involve and mobilize board members, stakeholders, and followers to accept and enact vision, mission, and strategies.  This course discusses leadership as it relates to politics and power.
  • ITL10 Strategic Leadership

    We will examine how an organization moves forward effectively with the idea of strategy—which some would argue actually precipitates culture.
  • ITL09 Leading Diversity

    In this course, we focus on organizational culture and how leaders lead diversity within it.
  • ITL08 Leadership Communication

    In this course, we focus on organizational culture in regards to how leaders communicate.
  • ITL07 Leading and Influencing

    In this course, we discuss the role leader’s play in influencing others.
  • ITL06 Ethical Leadership Course

    While traditional leadership theories are still in use today, newer approaches have focused increasingly on leaders’ actions and behavior, particularly those of dynamic leaders who are able to effect mass change. This course discusses ethical leadership.